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  Benefits of learning Rambam Daily



  1. The Rambam’s Mishneh Torah is a Miraculous work and it brings miracles

So, the Rambam lived for many years in Egypt, called by the Torah as the most depraved place on earth - and the Rambam made a wonderful transformation to the good in Egypt. This shows us that we too, can effect Miracles even in the lowest places - Egypt - and even the greatest Miracle - the coming of Moshiach Now!

The Rebbe associates studying Rambam with great miracles for you in everything, materially and spiritually. and it is hinted in the Rambam’s name:

 ר’בות מ’ופתי ב’ארץ מ’צרים

 “To increase My miracles in the land of Egypt." (Exodus 11:9)

2. Achdus Yisroel  - Jewish Unity:

we Jews really need more strength now - more than ever before. We are strongest when we unite through Torah - especially a Study within Torah that unites all of Torah - we thereby have more Jewish unity - hence more strength

3. Complete Knowledge of the all the Torah laws:

The Rambam’s Mishneh Torah is the only work that includes all of the laws of the Torah and the entire Oral Law of Judaism.

4. Fulfilling all of Torah Law through studying the Laws. 

When we study laws of Torah, we are fulfilling the Mitzvah in a certain dimension - as it is stated in the Talmud - whoever studies the laws of the building of the Holy Temple in Yerushalayim, it is as if they built the temple. 

So too, every time we we study the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah which includes all the laws of the Torah, it is as if we have fulfilled these laws-even laws that can only be observed at certain times or by certain people - that we would not have been able to fulfill in actuality, through learning the laws, we are considered - from a certain perspective - as if we fulfilled these laws. 

5. Studying Rambam Brings Clarity in life.

The Rambam is the Guide for the perplexed - confused of all the generations - especially through his Mishneh Torah By studying Rambam, we have Clarity in life.

6. Studying Rambam Brings Optimal Health and Immunity, Physical and Spiritual.

The Rambam divided his Mishneh Torah into 14 Books, 83 Sections (halachot) and 1000 Chapters.

Although the Rambam changed the amount of chapters as he was editing his work, sometimes more than 1000 and sometimes less than that until he perfected the edits and presented his work to the world, he always kept it at 83 Sections.

The Rebbe teaches that this is a phenomena and it is because the Rambam is associating and connecting the study of Mishneh Torah with optimal health, physical and spiritual since the Talmud teaches us that there are 83 types of illnesses that “Pat Shacharit” - “Morning Bread” heals . The true “Bread” of the Jew are the Halachot - the laws of Torah - so, through studying the Rambam - we ensure optimal health.

7. Higher Connections:

The Rebbe made the daily Rambam Study Campaign a cornerstone in his leadership - when we study he Rambam, we connect to HaShem, The Giver of the Torah, The Rambam, the author and The Rebbe, the founder of the Rambam Study campaign

8. Fulfilling Rambam’s vision for his Mishneh Torah:

This form of study is indeed the Mission Statement of the author - a portable book that contains all the laws of the Torah for every Jew - small or great in knowledge and years

9. We hasten the coming of Moshiach Now! 

“The exiles of the Jewish people are only gathered in through the merit of the Mishnayos” and the Rebbe explains that this includes Halachot Pesukot - straightforward laws without the reasons and explanations. 

10. More Torah Toil = Less Worldly Toil 

We fulfill our “Man was born to toil” Divine Mandate to toil hard.

Through our toil in Torah - we have “punched the clock” for our hard work, and our work in this world glides smoothly with Divine iIntervention - especially since the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah is “ “Libun Hilchita – clarification of Jewish law.”

Torah relates that the Egyptian exile involved hard labor of “chomer u’leveinim – mortar and brick.” Of the current exile, however, Torah explains that the refinement of “chomer – mortar” is acquired through “kal vachomer – in-depth Torah study,” and the refinement of “leveina– brick,” through “Libun Hilchita – clarification of Jewish law.”

This explains why great Torah scholars through the ages toiled in Torah study with superhuman intensity. Far from “enslaving” the Jew, such toil in Torah is what actually sets him free from the exile.

11. Learning Rambam’s Mishneh Torah Brings Lichatchila Ariber - Jumping over all boundaries from the start - blessings to us

The Rebbe said that the Rambam campaign is a Lichatchila Ariber - Jumping over all boundaries from the start - for him, and it has succeeded exceeding his expectations - at the beginning of the campaign the Rebbe Farbfrenged connecting The Rambam Campaign with the birthday of iLichatchilah Ariber

12. We connect Mystically beyond that which we know 

The Rambam was a great Kabalist and he includes both revealed and hidden dimensions of the Torah in his Mishneh Torah - as the Alter Rebbe did many years later in a more revealed way. We are bringing much G‑dly light that we may not know of by simply studying Rambam

13. Very Good Vibrations.

When we study Torah - The Mishnah tells us that the sage’s lips move physically in the grave. Any movement in the universe creates waves. The Rambam’s lips moving creates phenomenally good waves and effects for the whole universe, and whenever we study - he studies with us as.

14. Knowledge of Hashem brings the Phenomenal Moshiach miracles 

As explained by Milichatchila Ariber - “and the world will be filled with knowledge of HaSHem” is what bring “The wolf shall live with the lamb” and the other wonderful prophecies of redemption - many of which we have seen and we are continuing to see unfold before our very eyes.

15. The world is in a state of deep sleep - the only thing that will wake up the worl is learning Rambam's Mishneh Torah with a storm and an alarm! Let's Go Rambam! 

1st edition 7/8/20 on the occasion of the 39th conclusion and 40th begining of the annual Rambam study

by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Cunin - Shliach of the Rebbe, Larchmont, L. A., California, U.S.A.

comments or questions etc please write to [email protected]